The Windproof Myth

Many brands claim that their umbrellas are ‘windproof’ yet time and time again, consumers become frustrated when this just isn’t the case. Umbrellas are designed to shield you from the rain but will not defend you from gale force winds and lightning storms. Some umbrellas can withstand strong wind, however in extreme weather it's impossible to remain completely sheltered and not risk damage to your umbrella.

At Where I'd Rather Be we have designed highly durable umbrellas that operate safely in strong winds without compromising the aesthetics. Our folding umbrellas will invert and revert from wind without damage, and the frames and shafts of our classic umbrellas are constructed entirely of fibreglass to ensure a strong, flexible and wind resistant product.

While our umbrellas can endure strong winds, we always recommend carefully judging the weather and avoiding the use of umbrellas in storms and dangerous winds. Don't be fooled by the windproof myth and think you'll be able to fly like Mary Poppins!  

What makes an umbrella Windproof?